Some thoughts on our heritage buildings

Here’s some footage of the recently restored c1873 Congregational Church in Richmond, which illustrates some of my thoughts on a way to breath new life into the many heritage buildings in Tasmania in need of some TLC – saving them & saving $$ too

And here’s the related Media Release:

MEDIA RELEASE 29 April 2018

Investing in our past – The National Estate

Prosser candidate Jim Playsted has called for the return of Government Stamp Duty to buyers of heritage listed property, to be rebated against an approved list of remedial works designed to contribute to substantial restoration and preservation costs associated with maintaining historical property in Tasmania.

The Tasmanian Heritage Register holds some 25% of the national estate, yet we are just 2% of the population base and struggle to keep up with many publically owned buildings in very poor condition. As a property professional, Jim has listed and sold a wide range of heritage property and is familiar with the challenges of upkeep and restoration owners face.

The ‘Stamp Duty Rebate Plan’ would make the State Government a partner with heritage property owners in the upkeep and care of these national treasures, which are in themselves another unique and precious face of Tasmanian life.      


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