Planning major new infrastructure takes years to deliver. First we need to look over the horizon to 2050.  

A 3 or 4 year Government term for infrastructure decisions is about band aids, not long term solutions. I claim no particular economic nor transport logistics qualifications but as a traveler of 50,000 vehicle klms per year for each of the last 40 years throughout Australia and overseas and as a marketing manager delivering thousands of construction machines to earthmoving and construction companies, I’ve met the people who can make this happen and seen their achievements take shape. I’ve had plenty of time to use the systems and think about consequences.

Adding more lanes to feed more cars into a bottle neck at the Tasman Bridge surely isn’t the answer from either side of the river. We need ‘park and ride’ to keep the cars out of the city. Probably shuttle buses but how good would light rail be from Sorell to the city with river ferries to compliment the movement of people up and down natures’ highway. A low carbon solution using natural assets which caters for growth without polluting our air and finishing in stressful grid lock.

We need a bold and bipartisan new future and a future fund to make it affordable. Easy to say but hard to do. Yet Mona happened – lets make a spark an ember and an ember a fire and the fire a raging force for good in our future.

A wise business colleague said to me ‘Jim if you can’t see yourself in the new future, you can’t go there’. In my experience that is true.

We need leaders with vision, the power to win the argument and consumers with the courage to let them do their jobs. I live in hope that we get that!