What would be the point of an upper house run along Party lines?

I nominated as a candidate for the Legislative Council in the Prosser election because I am strongly of the view that the Chamber must be independent of Party politics.

Way back in 1854, when the forefathers of our constitution considered the creation of a house of review, it was because they described the role of the Legislative Council as a ‘guard against hasty and inconsiderate legislation by securing due deliberation prior to the adoption of any legislative measure’.

In business, I learned that a simple but effective measure was ‘to measure 6 times, cut once’ and to carefully consider the consequences of change for change’s sake.

That second opinion process of the Legislative Council causes friction and frustrations, but wise managers know that to sleep on problems and take time over reaching decisions are material to the future of their business, the people they employ, and the usually dire consequences of bad policy, which is costly and damaging to unpick. That doesn’t mean obstruction – it means a careful team approach to problem-solving and winning the debate on merit.

More than ever before, the 24-hour news cycle, relentless social media intrusion and the hectic lifstyles politicians must lead produces hasty decisions and more mistakes. More than ever before a chamber where responses are debated, tested and ‘measured 6 times’ is in the interests of a stable and successful society.

I didn’t want the Legislative Council to be a rubber stamp for Government.  What would be the point?